Car Accident

Although many think of physical rehabilitation after an accident, people often neglect to consider seeing a chiropractor for auto injury treatments. Automobile accidents can do any number of things to the musculoskeletal system - the area of expertise for chiropractic care. Surgery may be overkill, while physical therapy may not be enough. Dr. Roger Lysiak and the team of Lysiak Chiropractic, serving Lafayette, IN, can offer a variety of minimally-invasive options for recovering from an auto accident. 

Auto Injury Damage

Even if appropriately restrained by a safety belt, the sudden change of momentum created by an impact is jarring to the body. Though the body may be strapped in place by belts, the head, arms, and legs are not. Limbs often flail into the vehicle walls and the head can suddenly be jerked back and forth. There will be added impact damage if anyone is not restrained or has direct impact with another vehicle or obstacle.

Auto Injury Treatments

There are several options available to treat injuries that are caused by auto accidents. We tend to use a mix of treatments that are customized towards your specific injury. Some of these could include:

Spinal Adjustments

Even if the impact is just a minor bump, the direct shock to the back may lead to spinal misalignment, also called a subluxation. This can lead to nerves or discs becoming pinched between the vertebrae. A spinal adjustment causes the vertebrae to go back into their proper places. This helps to balance the weight you carry, reducing overworked muscles along the head, neck, back, and shoulders. Pain from the impacted areas will also improve.

Massage Therapy 

An auto accident can lead to inflamed or stiff muscles, reduced mobility, and pain in the affected areas, including the back, neck, shoulders, and head. Massage therapy also improves circulation and blood flow, allowing for improved recovery times to the affected areas. This treatment has also been known to help with high blood pressure and tension pain.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Children’s muscles and bones serve much of the same function as adults, but treatments must factor in that the child’s body (and moving parts) are still growing. Lysiak Chiropractic has experience with helping children with chiropractic care that caters to their unique needs.

If you have been in an accident and are seeking auto injury treatments, chiropractic care may help. Lafayette, IN, area residents, call 765-449-4888 to schedule a consultation with Lysiak Chiropractic and let our team help you begin the path to healing.

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