Pediatric Chiropractic

If you have children, Dr. Roger Lysiak of Lafayette, IN, is a pediatric chiropractor committed to helping children achieve optimal health and quality of life.

Reasons to Visit a Pediatric Chiropractor

You probably understand the importance of taking your child to their pediatrician, dentist, and eye doctor regularly. However, you might not understand the purpose or importance of visiting a pediatric chiropractor. In the guide below, Dr. Lysiak and his team in Lafayette, IN, share just a few of the reasons why parents should make this a priority.

You’re Never Too Young for Musculoskeletal Issues

We often think of neck and back injuries as something you deal with as an adult. While these are common in adulthood, children are not immune from such problems. From traveling through the birth canal to sitting at desks, wearing heavy backpacks, and overexerting themselves in sports, children often damage their musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, these damages are not typically noticed or taken seriously until later in life.

Spinal Health Can Impact Your Child’s Entire Being

Most parents aren’t aware that many of the issues children deal with, even some behavioral issues, are linked to spinal problems. The nerves that impact deliver messages between the brain and the body can become compressed at their origin from the spine and not relay the proper message. A misalignment can cause pain that makes it difficult to sleep or play.

Upper back and neck issues often impact the ability to focus and cause headaches. Poor spinal alignment can also influence breathing and inflammation.

Injuries Are Likely to Worsen Without Care

It’s true that some injuries heal on their own with rest. However, children don’t typically rest. Instead, they jump up and try again. And once they begin school, they are at desks for hours throughout the day – often with poor posture.

In short, their injuries don’t always heal properly or fully on their own. Without care, your child might continue unhealthy practices, such as overloading their backpack, which could take a long-term toll.

Visiting a pediatric chiropractor means detecting and treating issues early and as they arise, keeping your child feeling good and healthy. If you live in Lafayette, Delphi, Brookston, or Fowler, IN, call (765) 449-4888 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lysiak. 

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